We shoulder the burden of the design and construction process, giving owners peace of mind, and the freedom to stay focused on what they do best.

North West Lab

Harvard University

Natick Collection

Natick, MA

Marsh Hall

Salem State University

Owner Representation

We have been representing and advocating for Owners on large-scale construction projects for over 20 years. Our project management services include specialized consultations like project cost reporting, project controls, audit services, or budget estimation, in addition to the critical basics.

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Why LeftField?

Results driven, with a dogged focus on the bottom line from the get-go, our impressive staff consistently delivers. Where many might see the phrase “out in left field” as eccentric or odd, to us it signals exactly what’s needed in this industry - a truly unique and highly effective approach to complex project management.

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Sustainable Initiatives

The benefits of "green" initiatives go far beyond creating good publicity. We champion sustainability initiatives because those projects result in decreased energy and operating costs for the Owner, reduced climate change risks, and increased morale with project stakeholders.

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