Jay Faxon

MEP Specialist, Site Inspector

Jay has worked in the construction and mechanical fields for almost 40 years. He has serviced, trouble shot and worked on the constructing of some of the largest and most complicated buildings in the Boston metro area, along with many smaller jobs too.

As a service technician, he has been an advocate for Owners and Customers his whole career. Jay joined LEFTFIELD in 2011 and has continued his role ensuring that the customer has high quality, good-working and efficient facilities.

Jay is a team builder with a proven record of success, including campus environments. Jay is regarded as a very effective communicator with keen judgment and thoughtful, thorough decision making ability. Jay has an extensive knowledge of critical systems in facilities applications, facilities operations architecture, utility systems infrastructure and energy management systems. He is licensed and certified in numerous mechanical disciplines.

Jay is happily married and comes from a large family of 8, including two grandchildren. Jay enjoys family time, hobbies in his workshop and motorcycle riding.