Services Overview

Audit Services

“Our audits have earned recoveries for our clients many times over the actual fee paid to us, on just about every construction project audited, regardless of the contract type. To date, we’ve reviewed construction project costs ranging in value up to $250,000,000.”

Most owners don’t have the internal expertise to effectively negotiate, manage, and perform audits of complicated construction contracts (which can include Lump Sum, Guaranteed Maximum Price, CM at Risk, Fixed and Unit Price, Time and Materials, and Cost Plus).

Often, owners are forced to rely heavily on their contractors, architects, or internal staff for cost control, which is outside their realm of expertise. (On the other hand, contractual expertise likely is a core competency of the contractor).

Our Construction Audit services help clients to identify actual and potential overpayments, overcharges, failures to recoup reimbursable expenses, etc., that may occur as a result of oversights.

It just makes sense for a construction audit to be performed by experts who are on your side. Let us demystify the complexities of contract language and provisions, ensure that billings and payments are appropriate and within contract provisions, and help you keep control of your construction costs.

Audit Services:

  • Review of Design contracts
  • Review of Design invoices
  • Review of Leases
  • Review of Construction Manager contract
  • Review of Construction Manager payment application
    • Subcontractor application for payments
    • General condition and general requirement costs
    • Small tools
    • Fees and mark-ups
    • Insurance and bonding requirements
    • Contingency use
  • Review of Subcontractor payment application
  • Review of allowances (including tenant allowances)
  • Review of change orders