"Simply put, I cannot imagine doing a project of this scope without LEFTFIELD. But most important to me, the LEFTFIELD team are caring, highly skilled professionals who can reflect their clients vision and emotional commitment to a project."

James G. Stoll, Ph.D. Associate Vice President and Dean of Students
Salem State University

"Our prior experience with clerk of the works had been an added cost with little added value. With LEFTFIELD, however, we realized quickly that they were a valued member of the project team. The expertise and proactive approach helped the project avoid what could have been costly repairs in the near future."

Sister Anne Mary Donovan Treasurer
Emmanuel College

Services Overview

LEFTFIELD’s comprehensive services support you with expertise and aplomb through all phases of a project: strategic planning, design, construction, project delivery, and close-out.

Complete Menu of Services

Owner Representation

We pride ourselves on our ability to understand the needs and vision of each client. As project managers, we deftly balance the competing interests of budget, schedule, and quality to ensure your project has the best project outcome. [read more]

Program Management

LEFTFIELD is an industry leader in program management for our clients. We interface with our clients as an extension of their organization and organize and manage their complex programs, supporting their team through all phases of the process. [read more]

Clerk of the Works

The site management role is critical. We represent your interests, ensuring that the quality of both materials and workmanship is in accordance with industry standards and with the project’s specifications and design. [read more]

MEP Expertise

LEFTFIELD has several highly experienced MEP experts on staff that provide tremendous value to our clients as our goal is to maximize the useful life of all major MEP equipment while minimizing the energy costs to the Owner. [read more]

Cost Management and Reporting

Our focus on providing you with the most cost information possible as soon as possible means we can effectively plan and control the cost of construction projects. We are also particularly skilled at making formal project status presentations to other stakeholders such as senior faculty, boards, or committees. [read more]

Construction Administration

We can seamlessly augment your internal staff, providing construction administration functions such as document control, contract development for CM and A/E teams, and PO and invoice processing. [read more]

Audit Services

Construction projects involve significant and complex paperwork. LEFTFIELD’s audit services avoid the often costly oversights that commonly plague large projects. We help clients identify actual and potential overpayments, overcharges, and un-recouped reimbursable expenses. [read more]

Estimating Services

We provide estimates at all levels of development, whether you have a full set of construction documents or just a concept, and for all levels of size and complexity. We stay on top of trends in labor and material, so our in-house estimating services are always based on the most current marketplace pricing. [read more]