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We believe in dedication, hard work, and in never resting on our laurels. But that said, here are a few current projects we are proud to be a part of, and other happenings out in LEFTFIELD.

Waltham High School

Waltham, MA

LEFTFIELD has been retained by the City of Waltham as OPM to manage the design and construction of the new Waltham High School. LEFTFIELD has been brought on at the end of Schematic design as the project seeks approval by the MSBA Board in August and from the City shortly thereafter. There will be significant sitework and blasting required before the 500,000 square foot building portion of the project is undertaken. The building is being designed to include a significant Chapter 74 curriculum within their educational program.

17 Briden Street Incubator Labs

Worcester, MA

MBI is a private, non-profit, economic development organization that serves as a catalyst for life science and healthcare innovation. MBI helps start biomedical companies and create jobs within the Biotechnology, Medical Device, Informatics, and Biomanufacturing industry by providing private secured BL2 laboratories, shared equipment, and support services for “seed stage” companies. Building and maintaining collaborative affiliations and partnerships are essential to their success. Currently, MBI’s existing facilities identified are at or near full occupancy and MBI has determined through their analysis that there is an unmet need for additional incubator space in this area. As a result of this analysis, MBI has hired LEFTFIELD to support them in managing the design and construction process of their expansion to 17 Briden Street in Worcester, MA. LEFTFIELD will manage the transformation of the 1920’s era masonry and timber frame building currently in use as a medical device manufacturing space, converting it in to a state of the art lab space.

Driscoll and Baldwin Elementary Schools

Brookline, MA

LEFTFIELD has been retained by the Town of Brookline as OPM for the design and construction of both the Baldwin and Driscoll elementary schools. The Schematic Design is being finalized and the school construction will be going in front of the Town for voter approval. Prior to LEFTFIELD being hired, Jonathan Levi had previously been selected as the Architect for both projects.

Florence Roche Elementary School

Groton, MA

The Groton-Dunstable Regional School District Building Committee recently selected LEFTFIELD to manage their feasibility study for the Florence Roche Elementary School located in Groton, Massachusetts. This feasibility study is an MSBA funded project and is based on an enrollment of 645 students in grades K-4. The feasibility study will encompass an analysis of various student grade configurations, a capital study for the Swallow Union School located in Dunstable, Massachusetts, and analysis of site use at the current Florence Roche building site. LEFTFIELD is excited to provide our in-depth, hands-on services to the Groton-Dunstable Regional School District.

Dale Street Elementary School

Medfield, MA

LEFTFIELD has been retained by the Town of Medfield as OPM for MSBA’s Feasibility Study for the Dale Street Elementary School. LEFTFIELD will work with the Town to better understand the grade configuration options as the proposed school will either include grades 4-5 as currently constituted or change to a 3-5 grade configuration. We will consider an addition-renovation option, a new school on the existing site, or a new school on alternative site as part of the project.

Warren Towers Renovations

Boston University

Boston University has hired LEFTFIELD to lead the planning and design effort for their renovation of The Warren Towers Complex. Warren Towers was built in 1965, and includes three 14 story residential towers, housing 1765 students, which are supported by a four-story pedestal that includes three levels of parking. The fourth floor has a large student dining hall, mail room, laundry room, study rooms, multi-purpose room and offices. LEFTFIELD will oversee the planning process to address the aged MEP systems, as well as refreshing the living areas and renovating the common bathrooms.

George Sherman Union Food Hall

Boston University

The George Sherman Union Court at Boston University is a bustling and energetic hub where students, faculty, and staff come to gather and dine on the Central Campus. Located within one of the most student-centered buildings on campus, Union Court’s 42,300 square foot footprint currently houses eight (8) retail food service venues, and 1,249 seats. Union Court’s kitchen supports its food service venues, a retail store, and the university’s robust catering operation which supports more than 6,000 events per year. The planned renovations will transform Union Court into a Food Hall, a concept with a modern public market feel that would include an open floor plan, fresh food prepared to order either in person or through advanced mobile ordering, various seating options, and a renovated kitchen and back of the house spaces.

College of Fine Arts Gallery, Accessibility Improvements, Restroom Upgrades, and Façade Repairs

Boston University

Located in a building once home to a Buick dealership along Boston’s origin, renovations are planned at the existing Stone Gallery (an art gallery with a focus on an interdisciplinary interpretation of 20th-century art and culture) and studio spaces. New glazed openings in the existing exterior wall on Commonwealth Avenue as well as at the east and west elevations are planned as well as mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection improvements, façade repairs and restoration, building wide accessibility improvements, and restroom upgrades.

Peabody and Bowditch Hall Restroom Renovations

Salem State University

Peabody and Bowditch Halls experienced systemic leaking in the bathrooms due to failures in the cast iron piping. The scope of this project involves the complete renovation of these bathrooms to replace all the piping. Furthermore, reconfiguration of the layout will create a single-user accessible bathroom in addition to two multi-user bathrooms on every floor, providing flexibility of gender assignments per floor. Upgraded bathrooms will be attractive to incoming freshmen and will address the majority of deferred maintenance in the two oldest residence halls on campus. Summer 2018 scope included an investigative study with extensive preconstruction efforts to help plan for the full scope of work. Based on the exploratory work, the design and construction team recommended renovating the two buildings concurrently in summer 2019. This project will follow the requirements set forth in Chapter 193.

Elbridge Gerry Elementary School

Marblehead, MA

In May 2017, the Town of Marblehead selected LEFTFIELD, LLC as their Owner’s Project Manager to manage the complex Feasibility Study for the Elbridge Gerry Elementary School. This multifaceted Feasibility Study consists of studying various school configurations ranging from a 160-student combined Elbridge Gerry and Coffin School and a 450-student combined Elbridge Gerry, Coffin and Bell School. Each of these options include analysis on existing school sites as well as other available host sites. This project is funded in part by the Massachusetts School Building Authority.

Bertram Field Phase 2

Salem, MA

Following the installation of artificial turf and expansion of the track in 2014, the second phase of improvements at Bertram Field will focus on its facilities featuring a new changing/locker room facility, new restrooms, concessions, press box, and entrance.

BMC Durfee High School

Fall River, MA

The Massachusetts School Building Authority and the City of Fall River have selected LEFTFIELD as the OPM for the Feasibility Study and Schematic Design of the new Durfee High School in Fall River, Massachusetts. The new High School is anticipated to be over 400,000 sq ft. with an enrollment of over 2,600 students. LEFTFIELD is currently in the midst of the Designer selection process and will begin to work in earnest with the City to develop an educational program that meets the needs of the school; including its vocational components. We will work closely with the project stakeholders to determine the best site for the new High School; including the consideration of a renovation or addition to the existing Durfee High School. LEFTFIELD has a strong presence in Fall River having participated in the construction of the Morton Middle School as well as the renovation of the Westall Elementary School.

On-Call Project Management

Harvard University FAS

LEFTFIELD has been retained by Harvard University's Faculty of Arts and Sciences “FAS” over the past several years to manage their summer offline projects. Each year, HU takes several of its residence halls off-line to perform improvements, renovations, or preventative maintenance. Additionally, LEFTFIELD has been retained by the Office of Physical Resources and Planning to manage other small, yet complicated renovation projects around campus, involving projects ranging from $500k to $24M. These projects build on the many years of experience that LEFTFIELD has had with FAS as a Program Manager for many of the more significant science projects.

On-Call Project Management


LEFTFIELD continues to add real value to its clients through the vast experience of its in-house MEP specialists. In addition to providing retro commissioning, construction observations, facility audits, and preventative maintenance consulting, LEFTFIELD has been selected by the Department of Energy Resources to assist in providing project management support with on-going DOER sponsored projects.