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About LeftField

As an industry-leading owner’s project management firm invested in its people, we combine advanced technical abilities with ingenuity and collaboration to successfully manage the competing interests of budget, schedule, and quality on diverse and complex construction projects.


Being an OPM in the Construction Industry often means facilitating the solution to unique, yet complicated challenges that typically have significant financial ramifications to the Owner. These challenges often have competing interests that need to be properly addressed. At times, our Industry Partner’s reputations and financial stability can be impacted by the direction taken. The solutions to these complex problems are not often black and white. At LeftField, we rely on our team’s vast experience and character to negotiate the gray areas in which we often find ourselves. 

As forward thinkers, our initial reaction is not to assess blame or to point out problems to our Owners when faced with a daunting challenge, but rather to recommend solutions and communicate project status accurately – whether the news is favorable or not.

In trying to facilitate a journey that builds consensus in a collaborative way, we often fall back on our core values.

Core Values


Honesty and transparency underscore everything that we do. Our interactions are respectful, our communication is clear, and our ethics are sound. We don’t underestimate the value of relationships, and, to us, the trust of our clients and collaborators is something that needs to be earned each and every day.

Our Core Values

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Our Strength is Our People

The right people. The right experience. The right results. We rely on our team’s combined 500 years of experience to problem solve and facilitate for our clients. Our impressive staff consistently delivers the desired results. Plus, we’re nice.

We Understand The Bottom Line


One of our firm’s greatest strengths is its dogged focus on the cost forecasting and our aggressive stance on the cost control aspects of a construction project. We understand the importance of the bottom line, and vigilantly take into account every decision’s impact on it.

But simply controlling costs isn’t enough – owners must also effectively communicate project and budget status to their stakeholders. We specialize in delivering formal presentations to senior management, faculty, boards, or committees.

The Right Choice in Project Management

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