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Matt Gulino

Project Manager

Matt has provided over a decade of construction management experience with the unique benefit of managing projects from both the Construction Manager and Owner’s Project Manager side of the industry.  He has experience in new build construction projects as well as addition/renovations and renovation projects. This includes high profile historical renovations of landmarked buildings for the City of Boston.


Having successfully completed multiple projects as a Construction Manager, seeing the day-to-day construction process brings valuable insight to his role as an Owner’s Project Manager.  Matt’s completed projects range from K-12 construction, higher education facilities, athletic fields, public libraries and high-end entertainment complexes, giving him a wide range of construction knowledge in different industries.


Matt loves to travel the world and experience different cultures. He has traveled to France, Italy, Mexico and South Korea.  A self-proclaimed “foodie” who is always interested in chatting over a good meal and a glass of wine.

The Right Choice in Project Management

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