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Meagan Charbonneau

Director of Business Strategy

Meagan brings 15 years of industry experience and engagement within the Massachusetts Real Estate and A/E/C community, having gained a unique perspective working for various project disciplines in a business development capacity. In her new role, Meagan will take her distinctive experience and apply it to strategically increase LeftField’s presence within each market sector, as well as identify risks and develop strategic plans to help improve the organization. Additionally, Meagan will analyze existing business strategies and practices among the sectors and provide recommendations for improvement.


A native of Falmouth, and then a long-time resident of Brighton, Meagan recently relocated to Millis, Massachusetts with her husband and two children. In her free time, Meagan enjoys listening to entrepreneurial themed podcasts, cooking (not baking), fitness, and having dance parties with or without her toddlers.

The Right Choice in Project Management

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