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City of Waltham

Waltham High School


Consigli Construction






414,000 SF

Project Description

LeftField was selected as the OPM for Waltham’s more than 400,000 sf High School project. The new Waltham High School went through a rigorous site selection process and due to the lack of available and appropriate land, a 43-acre site was taken by the Eminent Domain process.

The school is currently in Construction. The 14-month blasting and ledge removal process is complete along with concrete and steel. The precast concrete garage has started and the building is being enclosed. The school is being built into a 150 foot ledge hill and had to relocate a stream and the associated wetlands.

The comprehensive high school will house 1,830 students. It has 14 Chapter 74/ CVTE programs with 4 programs serving the public.

Due to the high costs of construction for this school, it is the intention of LeftField to implement an ongoing value engineering program to continuously mitigate costs and explore opportunities for cost-savings.

Completion of project is scheduled for 2024.


The Right Choice in Project Management

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