Carlos Montanez & Jay Faxon, MEP Specialists

Dynamic Duo

They may not be wearing capes, yet Carlos Montanez and Jay Faxon create a significant competitive advantage for LEFTFIELD over the other Boston based OPM firms. They address the MEP equipment selection on a project from both a construction and operational perspective. Is the equipment sized correctly? Is it located and orientated appropriately so the equipment can be maintained? In providing weekly observation reports, they ensure that the equipment is installed correctly by the subcontractors.

In addition to managing the design and construction of a project from an MEP perspective, Carlos and Jay are instrumental in assisting owners with the acceptance and turn-over of buildings from construction to operations. Utilizing their expertise, LEFTFIELD performs retro-commissioning of facilities to best inform an alternative approach of HVAC delivery.

LEFTFIELD has been selected by Eversource to develop a Preventative Maintenance Program and an approach to energy savings for their larger clients. As such, LEFTFIELD has the operational experience to assist in the MEP life cycle analysis and the management of the commissioning process for all major MEP equipment.