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Salem State University

Parking Structure


Dimeo Construction


Dimeo Associates





Project Description

LeftField was selected to support the planning, design and construction of Salem State's LEED certified, $20m new parking garage, the first in the country to be GBCI certified.


This project began with an exhaustive siting study to determine both the best location on the campus and the approximate size. As part of the study, the team considered traffic patterns, access, parking demand, site size and topography, travel distances for cars and pedestrians, constructability issues (environmental, geotechnical, utilities), permitting issues, massing and adjacency concerns, queuing, Department of Public Safety concerns, and potential land acquisition issues; all while considering highest and best land use.


Ultimately, a 729 space, 2 bay garage with 4 supported levels was constructed. As it was constructed within 20' of neighboring homes along its east elevation, much communication and coordination was required with the Salem community.


The Right Choice in Project Management

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