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UMass Dartmouth

Liberal Arts (LARTS) Building Restoration


BOND Building Construction


Sasaki Architects P.C.




120,000 SF

Project Description

The Liberal Arts (LARTS) Building at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth was the first academic building constructed on the 710-acre campus. Designed by mid-century modernist architect Paul Rudolph the former Group 1 Academic Building opened in 1966. The restoration project will address critical repairs to the existing building envelop and original infrastructure that have reached the end of their useful life cycle. Exterior envelop restorations will include concrete and masonry repair, new roofing, roof drains, flashings, windows, and doors. Upgrades to the building interior will include accessibility, code and life safety compliance and selective interior space modernization. The project will introduce air conditioning, a sprinkler system, and new fire alarm and heating systems to the building. The renovated LARTs Building will be the first on campus to utilize geothermal technology, comply with Executive Order 594 and be fossil fuel independent.


The Right Choice in Project Management

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