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UMass Lowell

Fox Hall


Walsh Brothers


Bergmeyer Associates




10,000 SF

Project Description

The UMass Building Authority hired LeftField as the OPM for UMass Lowell’s Fox Hall Elevator Addition and Modernization project.


As the tallest building in the Merrimack Valley, the eighteen story Fox Hall dormitory facility was constructed in the early 1970’s to house a resident population of 420 students. Today, there are over 800 residents circulating through the facility via two original, undersized passenger elevators.


To correct the excessive wait and travel times experienced, the project team added two new elevators and renovated the two existing elevators. The two new elevators were added to the building via a structural precast concrete shaft that was constructed directly over the main entrance of the occupied building. Additionally, an interior renovation of the first-floor entrance lobby and student rooms where the new elevator lobbies integrated was successfully performed. Lastly, exterior grading and landscaping/hardscaping was redesigned for the new entry plaza.


The project team was successful in maintaining minimal disruption while keeping on schedule and budget.


The Right Choice in Project Management

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