Our Expertise

We have over 20 years experience representing and advocating for owners on large-scale construction projects. Our expertise is balancing the competing demands of budget, schedule and quality to deliver a project that exceeds the Owner’s goals.


We understand Owner Interests

We get it. We’ve been advocating for owners’ interests on large-scale, high-profile construction projects for over 20 years. We have represented Fortune 500 companies, world-renowned institutions, public authorities, national developers, national REITs, and non-profits.

We realize that many of our clients’ jobs and responsibilities don’t normally revolve around a complicated construction project. While representing your interests, we try to shoulder the day-to-day responsibilities of the project so you can continue to do what you do best.

We also know that some Owners want to be very involved, while others prefer to take a more minimal role. Either way, we maintain focus on established goals, develop solutions to minimize constraints, and work to build consensus among stakeholders in a collaborative fashion.

Each of our staff brings his or her own experience, expertise and ideas, but ALL of us share the same commitment: delivering the best outcomes for our clients.

We understand The Market

We keep our finger on the pulse. LEFTFIELD is connected to many of Boston’s, and the nation’s, most respected Construction Managers, Architects, and Engineers. We connect regularly with these industry professionals to enhance our understanding of marketplace trends. Interpretation of these trends informs our understanding of risk and ultimately influences LEFTFIELD’s approach to design, procurement and project delivery – a level of analysis greatly beneficial to our clients.

We understand The Bottom Line

One of our firm’s greatest strengths is its dogged focus on the cost forecasting and our aggressive stance on the cost control aspects of a construction project. We understand the importance of the bottom line, and vigilantly take into account every decision’s impact on it.

LEFTFIELD’s cost consulting services are intended to provide the greatest amount of information on costs at the soonest possible time in the planning, design and construction processes. Our focus makes it possible to effectively plan, control and manage the cost of construction projects.

But simply controlling costs isn’t enough on a large-scale, high profile project – owners must also effectively communicate project and budget status to their stakeholders. We specialize in delivering formal presentations to senior management, faculty, boards, or committees.

We understand Sustainability

In recent years it has become apparent that the benefits of green initiatives go far beyond creating good publicity. Sustainability initiatives such as renewable energy, water and energy efficiency, and life cycle costing – when properly implemented – can contribute to growth, promote environmental and social stewardship, significantly reduce operating costs, and increase morale with project stakeholders.

As part of our commitment to being green, we have LEED certified staff and most of our most recent projects have achieved LEED accreditation.